Building a democratic economy rooted in community.

3rd Annual Principle SIX Conference Registration NOW Open ONLINE


You’re invited to the 3rd Annual

Principle Six Conference

Viles Arboretum Conference Center, 153 Hospital St, Augusta, Maine

Saturday, April 30, 2016, 8:30 am – 5 pm

Hosted by:
Cooperative Maine | Cooperative Development InstituteDemocracy at Work Institute

Principle Six brings us together as cooperatives to explore ways that we can support one another, meet our needs together and build a cooperative economy.  This year we will explore our central theme “How do we grow a cooperative ecosystem?”  This theme will be explored through open space discussions in the morning, a keynote address from Joe Marrafino of the Democracy at Work Institute, networking during lunch and workshops in the afternoon.  You will leave with a renewed sense of connection, new skills and a conversation about growing our cooperative movement in Maine.

Register Online


8:30 am - Arrival, register, get ready for prompt beginning at…

9 am - Opening and Open Space Orientation* - Main Room - 20 min.

Using the “Open Space”* meeting philosophy we will explore our Framing Question: “How Can We Grow a Cooperative Ecosystem?”

POSSIBLE topics we might discuss could include:

Young and startup co-ops; Support group: member-workers; Lessons from cooperative crises/closures; Support group: general managers; Staff on a co-op board, good or bad idea?; How can co-ops in Maine work together more effectively? And more…bring your ideas:

9:30 am - Open Space - Session A each space will have a convener. 50 min. +/-

10:30 am - Open Space - Session B each space will have a convener. 50 min. +/-

11:30pm - Open Space ‘Harvest’ – Main Room – reports from Open Space sessions. 30 min.

12:00pm Speaker (in Main Room) – Keynote address by Joe Marrafino, DAWI 30 min.

12:30 pm - Lunch, Main Room, w/networking and informal announcements at end of lunch 75 min.

1:45 pm - Workshop C – please choose from one of four, to help with room allocation. 80 min.

C1 Financing for Co-ops: Gloria LaBrecque, Cooperative Fund of New England

C2 Meeting Facilitation: Jane Haskell, UMaine Cooperative Extensions

C3 Next steps: Maine Cooperative Business Association; Rob Brown, Kate Harris, Cooperative Development Institute

C4 Participatory Management & Leadership Development: Marcel Gagne, Cooperative Development Institute

3:10 pm - Workshop D – please choose from one of four, to help with room allocation. 80 min.

D1 Open Book Financial Management: Joe Marrafino, Democracy at Work Institute

D2 Meeting Facilitation: Rachel Lyn Rumson, Cooperative Design Lab

D3 Marketing Co-ops: Marada Cook, Crown o’ Maine Organic Cooperative

D4 Growing a Cooperative Food System: Jonah Fertig, Cooperative Development Institute, Betsy Garrold, Marsh River Co-op, Mark Sprackland, Independent Retailers Shared Services Cooperative

4:30 pm - Closing – Main room - “One word/One sentence” comments/reflections, from each person; paper evaluations.       15-20 min.

Register Online

Principle Six is hosted by Cooperative Maine, Cooperative Development Institute and Cooperative Development Institute and sponsored by Cooperative Fund of New England, Equal Exchange and the Independent Retailers Shared Services Cooperative

*Open Space, The Four Principles:

Whoever comes are the right people

Whatever happens is the only thing that could have

Whenever it starts is the right time

When it’s over, it’s over

Open Space, The Two Engines:

Passion for the issue, bounded by the

Responsibility to search for and find solutions

Open Space, The One Law (or the ‘Law of Two Feet’)

During the course of the meeting, any person who finds him or herself in a situation where they are neither  learning nor contributing, must use their two feet and go to some more productive place.

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