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Common Ground Country Fair - Cooperative Maine Booth

Visit Cooperative Maine Booth!

Visit Cooperative Maine Booth!

Less than one month away!  Visit the Cooperative Maine Booth!  Meet folks from various cooperatives from around Maine!  Volunteer for a shift at the booth!  Attend one of our cooperative workshop sessions!  Contact: Paul Sheridan, Cooperative Maine, [email protected], 207-338-0350



Friends:   Please pencil in these dates, and discuss with your board/managers…

It is certainly not too soon to be thinking about the Common Ground Country Fair, Sept 25-27 in Unity….


Cooperative Maine will have a booth, which we WANT to share with the breadth and depth of the co-ops in the state.

On average, there are 20,000 potential pairs of eyes that might alight on your message, about your coop, each of the three days.

Where can you get “market exposure” like that, in just one long weekend?

Co-op Maine will have its usual corner booth opposite the aisle of the food booths (everyone thinks about eating…).

Please consider how you and your co-op can participate:

- send a person to do a “shift” of several hours at the table for one day-see below.

- design a display about cooperation, and/or the particular sort of cooperation you are involved with, and bring it along

- at the least, send us some literature to display on the tables.

- Or…..?

The contacts we can make there are fun, varied, and informative (two-way, you will learn too!).

People ask about such interesting types of co-ops that they think the world needs.

Hopefully we can encourage them, inspire them, connect them with the people they need to know.

We have had international and nationwide visitors come by, just because “We Are Co-op…” and they relate, or want to relate more.

Below is a first draft of the 2015 coverage schedule.

We get nine tickets from the organizers, to allow our “staff” in for a day free.

These are available in the week or so before the fair, and can be snail-mailed to you in return for your firm shift commitment.

(Do not worry, this appeal WILL be repeated again!)

Note that we especially need two (or more) folks at the booth mid-day, as they busiest times.

Yet to be listed on the schedule will be cooperative presentations in the adjacent Speaker’s tent.

Jonah Fertig of Cooperative Fermentation and CDI is coordinating these, and as soon at he knows that schedule we can send it out.

It might help you choose which “shift” to work?


Cooperative Maine / Common Ground Fair Coverage Schedule 2015

Friday, Sept 25

9AM (sharp!)-12 noon    ____ &  _____  (includes some “heavier” setup)
12 noon- 3 PM                   ____ &  _____ &____
3 PM - 6 PM                     ____ &  _____  (includes some light table covering)

Saturday, Sept 26

9AM (sharp!)-12 noon            ____ &  _____  (includes some light table uncovering)
12 noon- 3 PM                   ____ &  _____ &____
3 PM - 6 PM                     ____ &  _____ (includes some light table covering)

Sunday, Sept 27

9AM (sharp!) -11:30 AM    ____ &  _____ (includes some light table uncovering)
11:30 AM- 2:30 PM       ____ &  _____ &____
2:30 PM - 5 PM                  ____ &  _____ (includes some “heavier” closeup)

Questions, suggestions?

Paul Sheridan
for Cooperative Maine
[email protected]

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