Building a democratic economy rooted in community.

4th Annual Principle Six Conference

April 1st 9:30 am-4:30 pm in Augusta, Maine Holocaust and Human Rights Center at the University of Maine Augusta Campus

Hosted by Cooperative Maine and Cooperative Development Institute
How can we build a cooperative economy in Maine?  
Cooperative Maine is turning 10 years old on March 25th.   This year’s Principle Six Conference will be an opportunity for us to reflect on the past 10 years while looking forward to build a stronger network of cooperatives that can help us all meet our needs and fulfill our aspirations.  
The day will feature large group discussions about creating a Maine cooperative business association, sector specific conversations (such as consumer food co-ops, housing, and worker co-ops) on common needs and aspirations, and a block of workshops to expand skills and knowledge.

Principle Six Agenda

9:30am:Opening and Welcome,
Who’s in the Room

9:45-11:15am: Conversation about a Maine Cooperative Business Association (MCBA)

Reflect on 10 Years of Cooperative Maine
What can MCBA provide for Maine Co-ops?
MCBA Organizing So-Far

11:15am-12pm: Breakout Conversations provide a space for each sector to talk about what your co-op sector needs.  What are some some shared challenges and opportunities?  How could you work together more?  How could a MCBA help your sector?

Potential Breakouts:
Housing Co-ops & ROCS
Food Co-ops
Worker Co-ops

12:15 pm: Lunch

DotMocracy to decide on priorities
1 pm: Report outs from Breakout Conversations1:20pm Next Steps to Creating MCBA
Creating a Steering Committee

2:00pm Break

2:15pm: Workshops:
A: What are viable funding resources for new and expanding cooperatives?-
What are sources of funding and financing for your co-op and how can you prepare to access these funds? Deborah Hawkins, Cooperative Fund of New England

B. Participatory Management, Governance & Ownership-
This workshop will look at how you can develop structures that are participatory, democratic and engaging for your board, management and members in any type of co-op.
Marcel Gagne & Jonah Fertig, Cooperative Development Institute

C. Political Advocacy for Co-ops:
Learn about how to engage in political advocacy for your co-op and the co-op movement. We will specifically look at legislation in Maine and broaden it to explore how we can advocate for co-ops at local and federal levels.
Rob Brown, Jeanee Wright and Doug Clopp, Cooperative Development Institute

3:45pm: Closing



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