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2nd Annual Principle Six Conference

cm-p6-2015 -crop

2nd Annual Principle Six Conference

the cooperative future of Maine’s economy

Viles Arboretum
153 Hospital Street, Augusta, ME  04330
Saturday, April 25, 2015

SURVEY (3 questions | very brief ) to gather suggestions from potential attendees about topics & presenters at:

1. What workshop topics would you find useful? We’ll have three tracks: food co-ops, worker co-ops, and other.
2. Do you have any workshop presenter suggestions (please provide contact information when possible)?
3. Anything else you’d like us to consider?
IDEAS?  << click here >>

WORKSHOPS (rough schedule):
AM - 1 | TBD | (ALL)
AM - 2 | TBD | (ALL)
LUNCH (included | catered)
PM - 1 | Worker | Food | Other | (choose ONE of 3 breakout groups)

PRINCIPLE SIX Work GROUP!forum/principlesix

Get involved & JOIN our Google Group!


Cooperative Maine is planning the Second Annual Principle Six conference. This event brings together Co-ops from around Maine whether they are just forming, in the early planning stages, or have been in existence for many years. This year we are expanding beyond food co-ops to include worker-owned and “other” cooperatives from throughout the state.

“Principle Six” - COOPERATION AMONG COOPERATIVES - is the principle of the International Statement of Cooperative Principles that says: Cooperatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the cooperative movement by working together through local, national, regional, and international structures. We are working on the local part.

 FMI:  [email protected]

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